Is what Ushur does limited to only Customer Experience Automation?

I believe “No”. I believe that’s where our focus is.

If I take a step back and see what all can I do with Ushur Platform, list is endless for me.

Any business process that requires multiple micro engagements, that’s the place for Ushur, just to list a few…

  • Employee On Boarding to Client on boarding
  • Leave application to IT proof submission
  • Targeted marketing to customized and objective processes

If organization has an objective rule based processes in place, Ushur can remove all the friction in processes and its a delight for all the stakeholder - employees, partners, third party agencies, regulators.

What do you think? I’m all ears…


I agree with you @ruchir.thakkar that where our platform can add real value is endless - because as you point out - there are so many touchpoints between service providers in any industry, and their customers, both inbound and outbound. Consumer expectations are raising the bar, as we all unconsciously elevate our expectations bar with every company we interact with, based on an amazing experience we had with another entity earlier today. Also - there are many personas that fall within the “customer” of “Customer Experience Automation” - in the insurance and health plan context, for example, it also includes key stakeholders including agents, brokers, employees, doctors, contractors, and auto repair shops.